make me choose: margot verger or mason verger (requested by )

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oh good something to help heal my broken heart

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let’s appreciate the way he lies there
and his hand

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Please tell me season 3 starts in 3 seconds

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So much of the second chapter of this past season was Will rocketing toward his own doom, and willingly approaching that target, which has a sadness and a dread to it, at the same time as an inevitability. So much of what we’re doing in the third season, in the first three or four episodes certainly, is really exploring: what is Will Graham’s state?

Every season has various horror homages to it, in terms of production and also thematically, and season three has a Universal Monster sort of flair, because Will Graham is essentially Frankenstein’s monster. He died, for all intents and purposes, in the finale. He was gutted, and stitched back together as a new man. And who that man is will be a great part of the first part of season three.

I think he (Hannibal) is going to be as traumatised as the other characters, but with a stranger set of coping mechanisms! Part of the fun for us with Hannibal this season is how he stays the same, and how dramatically he changes, and the fact that he misses Will.


— Bryan Fuller on “What state of mind are Will and Hannibal in going into season three?” (X)

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  • will: there will be reckoning.
  • hannibal: lol good luck with that.


Price’s face appreciation.

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Abel Gideon, the true cannibal.

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