Posting the clean version by itself! :summersaults away:


Posting the clean version by itself! :summersaults away:

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Hannibal: the Musical at SDCC

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So much misinformation has been flying around that, so help me, I watched all the interviews and collated what both the writers and actors are telling us about next season. And they’ve told us some REALLY surprising things, particularly if you’re familiar with the five movies Bryan mentioned. P.S. I AM TERRIFIED OF EPISODE 5. 

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Anonymous said: Fred Squared? :3


"Dr. Chilton!"

He turns to find Freddie Lounds approaching. She’s moving quickly, yet somehow maintains a certain fluid elegance. When she comes to a stop so does he, standing a mere few feet away. They’re in front of the hospital, in the midst of the empty front courtyard, and it is far too early to deal with pesky reporters. Yet instead of rushing to the doors he stays where he is and sticks one of his hands into a faux-fur lined pocket of his jacket. The other rests calmly on top of his cane.

"Ms. Lounds," he greets frigidly, though there’s something in her bright eyes and fiery red curls which puts him at ease after the initial greeting. "How can I help you today?" 

"I was hoping I could get a peek in there. Maybe a few private words with Will Graham?" 

Frederick resists the urge to roll his eyes. She’s making a hopeless request. Even though he rather enjoys watching Will Graham become annoyed at Freddie Lounds’ questionable reporting technique, he knows bringing her in will not win him Will’s favor. Right now he needs to be favorable. 

"I’m afraid Mister Graham is not receiving visitors at this moment. Or any moment, unless you go to law school, pass the bar, and get hired as his lawyer." 

It is almost endearing the way she easily accepts the rejection. 

"Then how about a few words with you?" 

"You’re already having words with me," he replies suspiciously. 

"You’ve kept it all rather hush hush, the whole ordeal with Abel Gideon." 

"Abel Gideon is dead." 

She hums thoughtfully and for Frederick, the sense of endearment turns into one of annoyance very quickly. 

"Don’t you want your side of the story out there, doctor? Break your iron clad silence and let the world know what led up to your unfortunate predicament." 

"You were there, Ms. Lounds," Frederick scowls at her, "I’m surprised you haven’t written all about what my innards looked like as I fought desperately to hold them in." 

Something flashes in her eyes and he knows he’s taken it a step too far, but the anger boils just beneath his skin nonetheless. She brought this out. She poked the beast. Yet there’s something about the way her posture shifts - shoulders slumping just a fraction, gaze shifting to look over his shoulder, lips turned down ever so slightly - that tells him she is looking for more than the latest scoop. 

"A drink tonight, perhaps," he offers, forcing a certain gentleness to his tone. There was a time where he had taken his position as a therapist seriously, and in the face of a slightly deflated Freddie Lounds he musters up his long forgotten skills. Maybe it isn’t the worst thing to try to connect with someone. Or, maybe she is manipulating him. He decides he’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. 

She predictably perks up, though there’s something more genuine in the way she regards him. He reminds himself that she was traumatized at one point, too. She also kept him alive by helping push air into his lungs, and for that he owed her something. Beneath the strong willed reporter persona there is a human being, and he supposes he can let down his own persona for once to try and reach it. 

"Faith’s Bar, downtown Baltimore. Comfortable, private seating and strong drinks. How does seven sound?" 

"Wonderful," Frederick answers and gives her a nod, "is that all?" 

"See you at seven," she replies and turns on her heel, sauntering off. He watches her go and tries to hide a smile. 


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heateusmeme - 1/1 shocking moment - beverly’s investigation


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bryan fuller ships hannibal and will harder than you or i ever could

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Anonymous said: I don't think you give enough credit to NBC. They put it on Friday because it got terrible ratings on Thursday and they don't want to waste a valuable timeslot. The Following gets more promotion but it's also a fundamentally different show. I found Sepinwall & Fienberg insightful when they compared Hannibal to Louie and Rectify, essentially art-film tv. Those also get terrible ratings on cable networks. Matthew Barney or Peter Greenaway + promotion != Michael Bay, financially speaking.


You talk like moving the show’s air time to the Friday night death slot was a gift. It’s not. It’s a stopgap measure at best, and an example of NBC playing it safe with a property that poses little financial risk at worst. So, no: NBC does not deserve credit for making that decision.

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That would suggest a radically unorthodox form of therapy.

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